Sci-Fried on Tour!

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

November 5,  2015



Check out our latest Music Video!  Fifty-One was filmed on our mini tour to Vegas this past summer.

If your in the Central Florida area check out our upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens After Party at the Geek Easy inside A Comic Shop!  We're going to have games all night and have 2 sets of ALL Star Wars themed songs!  We'll have a few special guests and LOTS of prizes!  Check out the Facebook event!  See you there!

Check out Dr. Verns podcast The Nerd Groove! It's part of the Nerdy Show network.  Head over to and download all the episodes for FREE. Take a trip with Dr. Vern as he explores Nerd Music as a genre, and hear some great old and new tracks along the way! 

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Sci-Fried on Tour!

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