Sci-Fried is Nerd Rock!

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Sci-Fried is Nerd Rock!

July 29, 2016


Major updates going on with the web site and our social media sites.  Here are some web site changes. The Music tab now will direct you right to our BandCamp page where you can access all of our Music, Lyrics and the new Sci-Fried Store. Please have a look and listen. The Music Video tab will now take you directly to our YouTube page where you can watch ALL our Videos.  We also cleaned up some of the photo gallerys under the Photos tab and included a link to all our photo albums on FaceBook.  These changes will help guide you through the Sci-Fried landscape much better and we'll be doing a full new look on the website soon.  Thanks for supporting Sci-Fried!

Watch the "Go Pokemon Go" Music Video!  The hilarious adventures of Sci-Fried trying to catch 'em all! Download the single on our BandCamp page.

On Monday August 1,st Sci-Fried will release another single and music video!  This time we bring you "A Tall Ship" to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek.

 We made a special music video for Creations Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas and we'll be posting it for everyone August 1st.  "A Tall Ship" will also be running at the convention in Las Vegas to be sure to look for it there on the big screen!  

Sci-Fried is Nerd Rock!

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