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Season V  CD - $12


The Sci-Fried Music Video Collective Vol. 1 DVD - $10

Videos Include: The Away-Team, Zombie Prison Blues, Looking Back At Today, Tech Support, Chosen One, 45042.2 aka Darmok, Star Wars Christmas, Rebel Cry, PX-75309, Too Many Zombies and TNG.  Bonus Videos: The Wookiee and the Ewok, White Targ and Soft Kitty contest entry.  Also includes a 30 minute picture slide show!  Over 90 Mins total play! 


Sci-Fried 4 Poster Pack (11x17) Get all 4! - $10


Co-Op Mode CD - $10

  • Future Tense  CD - $10


    Geeks Unite CD - $10


    Ramming Speed CD - $5


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